Sunday, April 25, 2010


I seem to have misplaced my nads. I totally need them back. If you find them, please return them ASAP, no questions asked. I should have had them microchipped. Ryan obviously doesn't want me to find them, he has me rigged with this airplane pillow device. Yeah, it helps for running into walls but I can't get under there to see what the hell is going on. Granted it's better than the Space Quaker cone that I woke up with after I was abducted by aliens last week. Oh, yeah I was totally abducted by aliens. I woke up and had this sound tube thing on and my arm was shaved into like a reverse sweat band kind of thing. So, yeah I'll take the head floatie. Hmm, maybe the aliens have my nads. Anyways, that's about it for now. A few pics updated.

My new pad

This is the command post where I am planning my attack on the squirrels. They like to zip around while I'm in the middle of my morning "outside" session. I need my quiet time so I can focus and
get things done. Squirrels gotta go.

East bound and down

So, it's been nearly a month since I gave the orders to head East. I was a little confused about the whole process, but it turns out that I got to ride in the plane in a slightly more comfortable box.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Moving Day: Post 4

Trying to get checked in and this kid kept insisting on showing me this dog. Kid, I am a dog. I know what a dog is. Now, put that dog inside here and I will show you how to remove the fluffy.

(Editors note: This kid made it all the way through the TSA bag check and almost behind the check in counter before security sprang into action. Still not sure if he is flying solo or if his parents were just too busy to keep him occupied)

Stay tuned for the Chi-town post.

Moving Day: Post 3

OK, this whole flying thing is for the birds. Literally, figuratively, all that.

Moving Day: Post 2

9:30 Am: I am rudely awakened to be reminded that we are indeed going to be flying and I need to pack my goods. I suggest napping till about noon but I am over ruled. I am also subjected to no less than 5 "LIVE From New York it's Saturday Night Turbo..." style jokes from Ryan. Hilarious.

Moving Day: Post 1

9AM getting some sack time before the big adventure begins. My compliments to Staybridge Suites for the lux digs. So, Ryan keeps saying that we are going to be flying. Um, what is that exactly?